Tuesday, January 03, 2006

back to normal life it looks like......

spencer is back at work today, leaving me with the ghastly mess that is our apartment. seriously, i have never seen our place look so bad. to comfort those of you who know and care about us, it's not a dirty mess, it's just STUFF everywhere. mostly christmas stuff that hasn't found a home yet. but there is a lot of it, and a lot of clothes from packing, unpacking, etc.,.....so someone (me) needs to get down to business today. and pick stuff up!

really, posting right now is just a device to delay the inevitable.....i could have gone to the grocery store with my sister if i was *really* in procrastination mode, but to be honest, i don't need to buy anything. it would've been a total sham. :( we went over to my sister's house last night for dinner - they had fondue! she got a new fondue set for christmas (from our other sister), and it was time to try it out! i tell you, if you've never had fondue with toddlers, you're really missing out. it was good times. all the things you dip in the cheese (bread, crackers, sausage, broccoli, etc.) were lined up by them, stockpiled by them, etc....and on of her kids really got into the dipping thing. the other two, not so much. but it was super fun.

ah life.

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