Tuesday, January 03, 2006
my darling pigeon pet

so - here's the deal - i went outside earlier today (to our little balcony) and o ho! there was a pigeon out there! he (she? it?) was just sitting on the ground; he flapped around a little bit once i opened the door, but once he could tell i had no malicious intentions, he calmed down and continued his sitting (roosting? is that what they call it?) in any case, i think that Mr. pigeon may be hurt, maybe that's why he's hanging out on our balcony. or maybe, he's cold. also maybe he's noticed our bird feeder full of bird feed, and he wants it all to himself. in any case, i clearly have acquired a pigeon.

and the best part about it, is that my apartment complex can't charge me their exorbitant 'pet fees' for this one; he adopted me, ya'll! i'll have to post a picture soon. he is a skitterish little bugger though. he's gonna have to get used to me going out there *once* in a while. (our storage is out there too).....

lest you think this was a one-time occurence, i left for walgreens, (he was there), and came back awhile later. STILL THERE! does this prove it or what?

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