Sunday, January 01, 2006
it's 2006

thank you department of redundancy department.

in any case, it looks like the new year is here. i don't have any 'new year's resolutions', so if that's what you're looking for, you're gonna have to look elsewhere! sure, i have things i want to change about myself, but i would like to think i'm realistic enough to realize that trying to change them all at once is probably not the most effective way to go. am i right? if i decide that i'm going to exercise 5 times a week and eat better and call my family more often and cook at home more often (vs. going out to eat).....i'm gonna get tired of that REAL quick. so i think i'll continue with my current modus operandi, which is to try and work on one thing at once, (regardless of what time of the year it is), and then move onto something else when i give up on that/ accomplish that goal. ;) whichever.

so happy new year's...............................i'm still feeling pretty crappy. this cold (or whatever bug it is) is hanging on. i'm i'm *really* not enjoying it in combination with my usual migraine. i still have some post-christmas returns/exchanges/gift card shopping to do....i am really hoping that i feel up to it this week. i'm just dying to go to the gap and spend my gift card!!!!!!!!!!!wheeeeee!

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