Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thirteen Things about Emily - the sassy lime

1…. I love chapstick; my favorite kind is the peppermint flavor of bonne bell. runner up = burt's bee's.
2.I hate pickles. pure and simple.
3. i come from a family of 5 kids; my husband comes from a family of 7 kids!
4. i love shopping; for me or for someone else, it doesn't matter. i *LOVE* finding great deals, especially in the clearance section of the gap.
5. my husband is getting his PhD - i am still working on my undergraduate degee :( -- he's 25, i'm's not like he's a cradle robber ;)
6. my favorite movies are gone with the wind and the emperor's new groove.
7. my favorite FOOD is ice cream; i ADORE ice cream.... my favorite flavor of ice cream is moose tracks...mmmmmmm
8. my favorite restaurant is usually the local thai place
9. i LOVE MUSIC: listening to it, playing it,etc....i play the piano and love classical music as well as 'pop'....(dave matthews band, sarah mclachlan, radiohead...etc...)
10. this week i've been sick, and it seems like i caught whatever flu i had earlier this month from myself. is that possible?
11. i think i might make banana bread this afternoon if i'm feeling up to it...
12. we don't have a tv (yes it's true)
13. i'm really uncertain as to whether or not this is going to work. i think it'd be funny if i end up w/this list in the middle of all the code posted on my blog. :) here goes......

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Anonymous Rosei had this to say:

Great list!!

7:48 PM 

Blogger The Mistress of the Dark had this to say:

Here to read your 13! Shopping and Music are two of my favorite things too.

8:38 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Keep up the good work » » »

7:13 AM 

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