Sunday, December 25, 2005
Merry Christmas!

well -- i want to wish those of you who celebrate Christmas a very merry Christmas -- and to those of you who don't; happy Hannukah - happy kwanzaa - and happy holidays.

i'm not trying to be politically correct; and i don't think that the conservative Christian right is taking over America......i also don't think that being too 'tolerant' of others' religions will dim our own celebrations or beliefs......but i do believe that it can be insulting to others for us to assume that their own beliefs mirror our own. while people mean it to be friendly and cheery, seems to me that if i were jewish i'd get tired of hearing 'merry christmas!' around this time of year.

just my humble opinion. and since this is my blog, hey! that's what you get to read!

happy holidays everyone~!

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