Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thirteen of Emily's favorite Easter candies!

1. reese's peanut butter eggs. i LOVE them
2. cadbury eggs - although these seem to be getting sweeter as i get older. weird.
3. chocolate bunnies - i love to eat them smeared with peanut butter.
4. those hard sugar, hollow eggs that had our names written on the outside, and you could look inside and see a scene? Emily i know EXACTLY what you're talking about. i used to love those. haven't had one for years.
5. jelly beans - of course
6. any kind of candy bar egg; snickers YUMMMMM
7. and i know this isn't candy, but i really do like eating easter eggs - just hard boiled eggs.
8. did you know that Each year, U.S. manufacturers produce more than 16 billion jelly beans for Easter -- that's enough to completely fill a plastic Easter egg 89 feet high and 60 feet wide (about the height of a nine-story office building) wow. this is from
9. i do love peeps, tho not as much as i used to. still, stale marshmallows? fabulous.
10. wow, are there even 13 different kinds of easter candy? this is hard.
11. ooh, i love those tootsie rolls that are different flavors; vanilla, cherry, etc.
12. i also like those marshmallow eggs - in moderation. ;)
13. seriously, though, i can't eat chocolate this year. weird. Hooray for Easter!!

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Blogger Sonya had this to say:

I only like candy during that time of the month. I'm so weird. Happy Thursday!

12:09 PM 

Blogger Master Enigma had this to say:

hmmmm I like candy all month long but I avoid it for the most part.

I love jelly beans though, the black ones are my favorites.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy the time with your family.

My own 13 is ordering chocolate bunnies on-line right now over at

12:48 PM 

Blogger Heather had this to say:

Ah, I love egg shaped chocolate. In any form. Training for a 5K right now and the easter candy temptation is KILLING me!

12:54 PM 

Blogger Kelly had this to say:

I gotta get me some candy!!!!!

12:57 PM 

Blogger Strong Enough had this to say:

My favorite, hands down, is #1. Oh yum!

12:58 PM 

Blogger Heather Smith had this to say:

I love all of these. Especially the Reese's Eggs!! Thanks for stopping by my 13!

1:45 PM 

Anonymous Denise had this to say:

If I ever win the lottery, I'll buy you a truckload of candy! ;)

1:46 PM 

Blogger Suzy had this to say:

"Give Peeps a chance!" There is this awesome candy store in NY that I just recently found called Dylan's Candy Bar that has absolutely EVERYTHING! I love Easter candy.

3:09 PM 

Blogger Undercover Angel had this to say:

I got a craving for sweets just reading your post! My TT is up.

3:33 PM 

Anonymous Caryn had this to say:

Love your new template! This is a MEAN TT, though. Way too much temptation on here. Makes me want some candy. And since I'm on an extended weekend right now, it's extra hard to talk myself out of eating poorly.

4:19 PM 

Anonymous Caryn had this to say:

P.S. My favorites are Cadbury Cream eggs. Since I'm forced to crave something. :-) Happy Thursday!

4:19 PM 

Blogger Lazy Daisy had this to say:

Ohh do like those Cadbury Eggs but i agree with you...they seem to get sweeter every year.

4:52 PM 

Blogger astrocoz had this to say:

I'm right there with ya on the reese's peanutbutter eggs...yummy goodness!

5:21 PM 

Blogger Mary had this to say:

Great memories! My list is up too! Happy Happy Easter!

5:55 PM 

Blogger Pink Chihuahua Princess had this to say:

Hey girl! I've missed you blogging this week. I hope your headaches are okay.

This is such a fun list. I can feel myself gaining weight just reading about all the yummy stuff.

Thanks for visiting my TT. Happy Thursday!

6:16 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

That's a great story. Waiting for more. »

5:59 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

That's a great story. Waiting for more. »

4:57 AM 

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