Monday, December 04, 2006
i'm baaack!

back from a fun weekend. it was not as warm as i had hoped, but still warmer than it is here in salt lake city! our high has been in the 30s all the past week. that's no good!

i went to st. george for a girl's weekend with some friends. we ate out, shopped, talked, laughed, watched movies, and scrapbooked. i actually didn't scrapbook, i brought all my stuff, but by the time we came back to the condo after shopping, i was always needing to rest. so although i packed a boatload of scrapbooking stuff, i never even took it out once!

today, i'm recovering. which is ironic b/c it was meant to be a restful weekend. but i need a great deal more rest than most people these days! we ate some delicious food this past weekend, and i got some christmas shopping done. there is still a fair amount left to do!

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Anonymous the muum had this to say:

glad you're back ! (and a little jealous!) love ya!

10:59 AM 

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