Friday, December 08, 2006
somehow, it's friday.

the week has both dragged and sped by. dragged b/c i've not been dealing with the pain as well this week, and sped b/c i really haven't done anything.

i'm looking forward to seeing my darling nieces and nephew tonight, we're babysitting them. also this weekend spencer and i are going to a christmas party. we were asked to bring a$5 present for a gift exchange, and i picked those up yesterday. although spencer has been eyeing one of them (While you were sleeping DVD) jealously, so we may need to get a new one. i told him he should just try and get it in the gift exchange. heartless, i know. i'm heartless.

and if you want to use your creativity, go here and make your own picasso-style painting. artists please don't be upset with the over-simplification of picasso's style. it's just for fun. :) i found this link on Paris Daily Photo, a great site to peruse when you have time. :)

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Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

this is Hailey. I really like your story & you! Here is a movie for you.

8:59 AM 

Blogger Amber had this to say:

LOVE the painting site. It give creatively-challenged folks like I some hope. :-)

5:24 PM 

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