Wednesday, March 21, 2007
here's a question for you...

how stupid do you have to be to lock yourself out TWO TIMES in one week?


i locked myself out last week - of my car this time. that's not even the best part. here it is: i not only left the keys in the ignition, but i LEFT THE CAR RUNNING.

in the walmart parking lot.

it must be a testimony to my good luck (or other's honesty) that no one smashed the window and drove it off while i was in the store. because, seriously? i didn't even notice until i couldn't find my keys.


let that one sink in. how stupid was i feeling? pretty dumb. i went to walmart w/my sister and had driven two of her little ones with me. because didn't you know how COOL it is to ride in my car? oh, it's way cool. so while we're getting out of the car, i'm of course stressing about them trying to run off, and trying to keep a hold of them. in all of this i did manage to lock my doors, but forgot all about my keys. :(

soooo anyways, we have Triple A. i called; they came. it was as simple as that. but if i can add in one more tidge of whining? i had to sit out with the car while i was waiting because you KNOW i wasn't going to let my car out of my sight while the keys were VISIBLY DANGLING from the ignition. i think everyone who walked by was wondering why in the heck i was sitting on my bumper. alone. in the walmart parking lot.

this really isn't even something i do often. the last time i locked myself out (before last week, haha) was probably my freshman year of college. so weird.

and then here are some BEAUTIFUL tulips my sister gave me - when i hosted our craft day. i haven't told you all about our craft day yet. i need to gather some pictures!

it's the first day of Spring!

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Blogger Muum had this to say:

ah well, maybe you could hide a key under the license plate?

When Dad and I were living in Waukegan, Ill as newlyweds, we locked ourselves out of our apartment so many times we were embarrassed to have to walk down the street to the landlord's house (again) to get back in... how long ago was that?

7:37 AM 

Blogger deborah had this to say:

dare i say -third time's a charm?

7:41 AM 

Blogger Emily had this to say:

ooh deborah, you'd better not!

9:04 AM 

Blogger Erin had this to say:

I don't think it's a question of how stupid you are, just how crazy busy you are. And you got a dose of what it's like to be a mother and forgetful because you are thinking about a million other things, that sometimes the most obvious thing gets forgotten.

9:09 AM 

Blogger Grim Reality Girl had this to say:

Great picture -- YAY SPRING!

I don't get locked out -- I just lose my keys. I lose them when I'm tired, sad, depressed, in pain, busy. If all is mellow and happy, I don't lose them. If I'm over scheduled they WILL be lost.

As for your homefront -- those new locks with number codes ROCK! My hubby installed one on the front door so that I can get in if/when I lose my keys again.....

All that being said, don't feel bad because you are FAR from alone!

8:51 AM 

Blogger Pink Chihuahua Princess had this to say:

Honey, don't feel bad or stupid. These things come in clusters, and unfortunately they happen to me a lot.

I love tulips, they are my favorite flower. Pink too! They are beautiful.

10:15 AM 

Blogger deborah had this to say:

em, did you get my email on the great ideas for cell phones?? give it a try, when he's home with you, first. just a suggestion

5:46 AM 

Blogger Heather had this to say:

Love the post! Very funny.

I, too, lock myself out occasionally- its the worst!!

11:16 AM 

Blogger Heather had this to say:

Ah, small world. I locked myself out of my car at target last week. So, I certainly don;t think you're dumb. If I did, I'd be admitting that I am too.

The tulips are just lovely, BTW.

5:05 PM 

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