Thursday, February 22, 2007

here is my blog's word cloud. interesting.

it's doctor venting time.

so nearly 3 weeks ago, i called my neurologist. he had ASKED ME to call him when i was done w/my med trial. **sigh** you can see where this is going, right? well it took a week and a half to get him on the phone. he was busy. fine, fine -- i don't think i'm unreasonable, i'm just in pain and want you to return my phone calls, darnit! so he calls back. i tell him how the trial went (no help whatsoever). he says he'll have to 'look at my chart and call me back'. what?! why on earth are you calling me now w/o looking at my chart? ridiculous. so i call back today, b/c it's been at least another week since that gem of a phone call, and ask his assistant to page him for me.

so my neuro calls me back today. gets on the phone and asks if i had been taking the baby aspirin with the verapamil. like i'm out to sabotage this or something. of course not. i took the baby aspirin. he seems surprised by this, and then says that since we've 'tried everything dr. (migraine expert) suggested, i will send you back for another consultation with her.'

at this point, i'm thinking dude, you never even looked at my chart did you? unreal.

i tell him that dr. migraine expert actually had another suggestion, involving CoQ10 and a few other vitamins/minerals. my neuro (the guy i'm on the phone with) says, 'let me go look at your chart, hold on just a minute.'

you have got to be kidding.

this guy doesn't even remember from one appointment to the next (with me sitting in front of him) who i am or that i have DAILY HEADACHES. he thinks he can call patients back w/o looking at their charts?!!?!? winging it? so ridiculous.

he gets back on the line, says, 'yes i see her recommendation w/the CoQ10. i don't use that as a migraine preventative, so i'll need to have my assistant call her office for the dosages to use. my assistant will call you back.'

so if i were dealing with this nonsense and had some adequate pain control, that'd be one thing. but the meds they're giving me aren't preventing the headaches, and i only have one abortive that really helps! people, do i have to beg? just help me!

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Blogger Iccle Anne had this to say:

Hope you don't mind me popping in. I saw your comment on Owlhavens blog and thought "oh someone without kids!" My favourites are too full of Mums blogs, and since I'm married without kids yet I'm lacking more peers. Feel free to pop over to my blog. I found it interesting to read about your migranes, I feel sorry for you. I get the migrane aura followed by a bit of a headache, but nothing as severe or as regular as yours. Also noticed you were going to try Depro injection, I hope it works well for you. I found for my periods it was fantastic (don't have any) but I gained weight (although some due to getting married!), but I'm about to try Cerazette pill..(nervous)..!

4:28 AM 

Anonymous Muum had this to say:

so- you want I should send 'Guido' over to talk to this guy?

6:07 AM 

Blogger FrogLegs had this to say:

Sometimes I wish Doc's would be more human... you know? Get them fresh out of internship where they still like people, care about you, and truly want to help you. Not when they are "above" you and you feel as though you're wasting their time.

6:57 AM 

Blogger Edge had this to say:

Ya, toots. Me and da Muum, we know a guy. Get this worked right out. Fohgettaboudit.

9:11 AM 

Blogger terri had this to say:

oh emily - this sucks! sometimes i wish they would just give us the darned prescription pad. some of these dr's are really clued in and sensitive but others are just louts! it takes my neuro half the consult just to remember who i am and i have to recite the whole history and he asks the same questions everytime. which i can understand since they see a zillion patients but --- duh! write it down and read the chart!!

i hear your pain. hang in!

10:20 AM 

Blogger deborah had this to say:

That totally blows! What a jerk. Plain and simple; oh wait, let me his chart, I want to make sure I'm blasting the right person! Sorry.

I am not a doctor, I repeat, NOT a doctor; the dosage I have been given for the CoQ10 is 200mg to start, daily, and work up to 300mg. I'vebeen doing it for about a year. Not sure what's working, I'm on a LOT of stuff, but I started that and 2 other new meds at same time, and things started to gradually get better. Hey, I'm not in the hospital every 4-6 weeks anymore, so something is working.

Good luck

12:32 PM 

Blogger Grim Reality Girl had this to say:


That doctor seems to suck. You deserve better. Sometimes it is best to break up when the relationship isn't working out for you -- this doctor relationship seems primed and ready for a good break up. You can do better. Take your medical records and get thee to another physician. If that @#$%^&* can't take the time to have the chart in front of him he does not deserve your business. You are paying for a service as well. You are not getting what you pay for. Do you have a primary care physician who will recommend another neurologist? It makes me insane when this kind of thing happens. I repeat, you deserve better. I'm praying for you! Thank you for making me grateful -- heart surgery fixed my migraines for the most part. I remember how much they suck. Don't give up! There is a better doctor waiting to solve this for you!


7:27 AM 

Blogger andrew had this to say:

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5:03 AM 

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