Saturday, October 06, 2007
Footwear Friday!

Welcome to the second installment of Footwear Friday!

this week, we're going to talk about fads. this fall, red is big. i need a pair of red flats, and a red purse. .... but i might not wear them much after this season.

the solution?

payless, target, or the like. these shoes are from walmart (only in black on the website, for some reason). i was surprised to find something i liked so much there. AND they were $13. really. i kind of love them. i *adore* the little bow, the pleats, and the fact that they're flats. i rarely find flats i really like.

here are a few others i considered...

and here, just b/c deb was looking forward to it, are my feet - and the toenails. kind of a nude polish this week. :) anyone want to share some of their favorite shoes?

see you next week!

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Blogger Muum had this to say:

oh-la-la! and i liked the shiny red shoes at Target, too. I wonder if they have wide flats there? Mervyn's shoe dept. did not have any wide flats. hummph.

6:57 AM 

Blogger Joanna had this to say:

super cute!

2:21 PM 

Blogger Kateastrophe had this to say:

K, LOVING Footwear Friday. I will share the link to my favorite shoes at the moment (it's bound to change soon because I LOVE shoes)

The Steve Madden Brytni Patent Leather Peep Toe Stacked Heel. Mmmmm delicious. They are coming out with red ones soon. Excellent.

11:04 PM 

Blogger deborah had this to say:

OMG! I literally jumped and laughed when I saw those horrible naked toes. Please, do us both a favor - PAINT THOSE PIGGIES.!

(so you know, mine are in desperate need of a new job)

3:06 PM 

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