Friday, October 19, 2007

so i'm trying a new diet for my migraines; i'm visiting a homeopathic healer. (before i hear any nay-saying, i'll let you try out migraines everyday - when you're in pain all the time, you'll try ANYTHING.) :-)

so one of the things i'm supposed to get a lot of is greens - and also seaweed or kelp. now, i've had seaweed before, with sushi. i didn't remember it as well as i thought. or maybe the rice and other flavors kind of covered it up.

but i'm meant to 'snip sea veggies' onto soups when i eat them. i can do that, right? this is just about at my cooking level. so i've got my miso soup, and i take the dried seaweed out of its package.

(to understand what i'm talking about in this little conversation, best to take a look at the link up there; nori on wikipedia.)

spencer asks me, 'is that hashish?'

i tell him, 'yes, but it's mine'

'for medicinal purposes?' he asks.

'of course!' and we both laugh.

the laughter stops when the sea veggies hit the soup, because holy cow that smells bad. i'm not a good enough writer to think of a good description. spencer has the luxury of being able to leave the room, me, i've got to eat this horrid smelly soup now.

in more cheery news, it really smells worse than it tastes.

and in another case of my sister coming to the rescue, she's given me a great way to use it: making rice balls. will need to give this a shot.

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Blogger Erin had this to say:

So do you have the sheets, or did you buy it already cut up in shreds, since you can do that too. I know I posted a miso soup recipe on my blog, and I think you might have tried it. Did you want a recipe for some California rolls (sushi)? I can send it your way if you want. Other than that, sushi is the only way I have had seaweed, so no luck in helping you out in having it in new ways.

5:55 PM 

Blogger Muum had this to say:

um, recipes for seaweed, man, I am stumped. I've heard it's good to put in compost, though...... but I guess that is not helpful!

6:42 PM 

Blogger kimberlie had this to say:

ah well, can't hurt to try. These recipes may very well come in handy one day...well, maybe..


4:25 AM 

Blogger Migraine Chick had this to say:

Please keep us posted on how the
homeopathic healing is going. I've been thinking about seeing one myself.

5:47 AM 

Blogger deborah had this to say:

good luck with that. and you know, I do mean that.

on the funny.. my daughter's school nurse asked me if I'd considered "medical marijuana" I thought I'd heard it all. I know I haven't yet. I burst out laughing when she offered me that one.

8:23 AM 

Blogger Terri had this to say:

too funny. you make me smile. seaweed is disgusting, i don't care how good it is for you. only edible in sushi. any take-home version always smells like dead marine vegatables, which, oh by the way - it is!! ugh...

2:04 PM 

Blogger Jen had this to say:

LOL, oh no!

You can buy kelp in a flaked form, and add it to dishes. It adds a slight salty taste and that's it.

12:44 PM 

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