Tuesday, November 20, 2007
8 things meme

the more memes i do, the harder it is to think of new things. and i am not awesome enough to check my own archives to see what i wrote before. so let's see what i can pull out of my head, shall we?

1- one of the blogs i've started reading most recently is called 'in sickness and in health', a blog about how chronic illness or pain affects marriages. a great read for my headachey friends.

2-the thing i miss the most during my diet is ice cream. so creamy, so delicious. what can i say.

3- i was recently at a family function with spencer's family; and i was crocheting to pass the time, keep my hands busy. you know. one of spencer's aunts asked what i was making, and i told her, it was just a washcloth. she looked at my hands for a bit and said that she and spencer's grandma had been trying to figure what i was doing! lol. not only am i left-handed, but i am not the most.....rule-abiding crocheter. which i'm sure slows me down. i just found the whole things hilarious.

4-another website i've been spending time at lately -- craftster. there are forums for allllll different kinds of crafts. very fun.

5- i brought my plants all inside today - it is finally getting cold. :)

6-my shoe collection is somewhat....excessive. some (in my family) might say legendary. thankfully, i have an understanding husband and a fairly big closet.

the fact that they don't fit in one frame is somewhat ridiculous. i understand if you think i'm crazy. sometimes i think so too. but when i'm looking at shoes (in a store), there are still shoe styles and colors that i don't have or wish i had.....i'm sick, there's nothing else i can say.

7- this thanksgiving, i'm making 2 pumpkin pies and sweet potatoes. yummm.

8- i made these socks! they're warm and fuzzy. :)
they're pretty thick and chunky, more for wearing around the house than with shoes.

A nod to the Muum, who tagged me!
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Blogger Terri had this to say:

Hi Emily, thanks for tagging me. I will try to do it soon.

I love the blue socks! And your shoe collection rocks! How do you find things?

Hope you are feeling well and glad you are finding some crafty things - what a great hobby - endless possibilities once you get creative!

Have a great Thanksgiving!! Ours was in October and I am craving turkey again. What about your special diet. Ugh!

Love to you and yours, T xo

10:05 PM 

Blogger Migraine Chick had this to say:

I love those socks! Maybe you should start "Sock Thursday" like Footwear Friday.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

5:50 AM 

Blogger Muum had this to say:

thanks for meme-ing it up with me! I think you are very clever to be able to crochet and make socks and all. Of course, you have seen my crocheting attempts...

11:52 AM 

Blogger Mama Zen had this to say:

Wow, life without ice cream!

1:23 PM 

Anonymous jd had this to say:

Sa WEEET socks! I love SHOES!

12:37 AM 

Blogger Kateastrophe had this to say:

Holy catch up that I have to do . . .

First, I promise to get to your Meme and won't forget!

Second, I didn't know you grew up in Columbus! How fantastic! My family still lives there! Go Buckeyes!

Third, LOVE your new hair.

Fourth, I am pretty booked while in Utah, but I will be in Salt Lake one day so email me and maybe we can try to hook up!!

Ok I think that's all for now.

11:36 AM 

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