Sunday, December 02, 2007
in other news...

spencer says that picture of me looks weird. so, in case you thought it was.... a LIKEness of me, don't be deceived. apparently it does not.

and now, onto the main event! pictures! taken by my niece and nephew E and T!!

an unfortunate number look like this:
or this:
and seriously, i can't hate. i've taken (quite) a few in my day that look like that, and i'm old enough to do better. supposedly.

and now, a self-portrait.
i know it looks like he's in pain, but there are only two explanations i can think of for that:
1 - the flash is going off in his face. or
2 - he is actually squishing his face against the lens.

the world may never know.

of course there are a lot of pictures like this, with one or two heads cut off --

and before anyone asks about the red thing on my neck, let me just say that it is not a hickey - i actually have weirdly sensitive skin on my neck and chest, and for some reason after you touch it, it turns bright pink. but cute shirt, right?

and here we have a picture OF a picture. the mind boggles.
and here it looks like he's gotten the hang of the picture taking; the whole head in the photo. bravo!

spoke too soon.
and just for good measure, shouldn't we have one more self-portrait? i think so.
and for this picture, i have no words.
takin' a picture of mom's boots.

and we'll end with this one.

besides the red cast, it's really a pretty good picture, don't you think? i actually have no idea how she got it to look like this.
well friends, more soon.

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Blogger Muum had this to say:

I have noticed that some photos of you don't look like you much, either, maybe the camea is too close and you get some distortions? I laughed my way thru the jr. photog. exhibit. fun

8:12 AM 

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