Sunday, November 20, 2005
news for a sunday afternoon

i woke up today with a headache; actually worse than normal (normal being a migraine) -- i took something for it, hoping it'd make a difference, and voila! it did! so i was able to go to church and make it through without a lot of pain, just a lot of sleepiness! the sleepiness has worn off to be pain again, so maybe i'll take a nap soon and see what i can do about that. overall, it's still been a better day than usual. i'm hoping still that this is the tegretol, and that a higher dosage (which i start on thursday) will make the difference, and really help me out.

also, my husband was selected to be honored for his research; here's the scoop:

Dear Mr. SassyLime,

On behalf of the Office of the Vice President of Research I wish tocongratulate you. Your abstract was chosen for Research Posters on theHill 2006 to be held Thursday, January 26, 2006 in the Utah StateCapitol Office Building Auditorium. I have attached information fromRobert, Staff Scientist at the Center for High PerformanceComputing who will assist you in producing your poster. Please contactRobert as soon as possible to begin the process of producing yourposter.

The Man

so of course i'm very proud of him; he works so hard at school, and i love it when others notice, too!

Blogger Edge had this to say:

Congo-Rats to Spencer! That's awesome.

8:06 AM 

Anonymous mom in law! had this to say:

way to go!!!!!!

4:50 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

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3:59 PM 

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