Friday, December 23, 2005
another day, another dollar

what does the title mean?

i don't know. but spencer and i have had a MARVELOUS day, in spite of my having a headache today. it was better and then worse, and then better, and then -- you get the picture. but he came with my grocery shopping (always a treat for me), and then took me out to lunch at cafe rio -- which i loved. then afterwards, out of the blue he suggested we get some ice cream. i was like, um 'YEAH?!' i love ice cream. so that was awesome. ah, first things first. he turned in his project this morning, thus allowing for all the fun. (fun fun till her daddy takes the T bird away...)

in any case, after that i made some more cookies -- chocolate chip, for this weekend's family get together. tomorrow i need to finish making the thumbprint cookies. the dough is done, but i got too tired afterwards to do the rest.

tomorrow afternoon is go time for family festivities. we're all going over to my sister's house for the Christmas eve traditions: including (but not limited to) the reading of the Christmas story - the picking out of insanely sugary cereal (read: arguing over) --- and whatever other things suit our fancy! it's gonna be like a giant sleepover; everyone who's coming is going to be there the night that's cool. be there or be square, baby!

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