Tuesday, January 24, 2006
an update for TUESDAY!

not a lot to say really; for those (few) of you who follow this blog, we STILL have not turned on the heat; salt lake city temp is going strong at 25 degrees; at this time i have two pairs of socks on, as well as a jacket over my long sleeved t-shirt. please don't worry about us, we're not so poor that we couldn't turn on the heat; we are just cheap. soooooooo we're gonna go as long as we can w/out turning it on. my feet are nice and toasty. :)

also, i went to the craft store with my sister and picked out wreath makings. i somewhat made a christmas wreath, but truly it was more like assembling parts....now i'm going to for real make a wreath. i enjoy so much having it on the front door; the christmas one is still there! so i'm going to make a spring wreath; it is a twig base, and then will have silk daisies and mini daffodils on it; as well as a blue and white gingham ribbon. sounds cute. we shall see.

currently listening to: lizz wright...a new cd we got by default from BMG. don't ask. anyways, i am really liking most of the tracks. the girl is seriously good looking. but in any case -- rock on.


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