Monday, February 27, 2006
monday, good to me

i've hit a blogging block. not that i ever write about anything exceptionally interesting or .....coherent. but yesterday i hit this block and thought, 'i can just write though it...' yeah, right. yesterday's entry was bleh. i want to feel like i've accomplished something when i blog, not that i sent some nuclear waste out into the world wide web. you know what i mean?

20 minutes later.....ah. i decided to join another group online; it's called readers anonymous. being in bed 'resting' with migraines so much, i find i'm reading much more than i ever have before. i check out probably a dozen books from the library, and go there FREQUENTLY. but i need some ideas for good reads. otherwise i just pick out stupid stuff. (not on purpose, but because i don't have many 'favorite' authors.). .... while i was living with my in-laws this past summer, my mother in law helped me find lots of great reads. now, on my own......i'm struggling! so i'll have to tell you how that goes. i'm excited about it.

in case you're curious, the other online group i'm a part of is called the chronic pain support group. it's been more than a year that i've had these migraines; and for those of you who don't know my history, i have a migraine every day, from when i wake up in the morning to when i go to sleep at night. i'm not fishing for sympathy, but that's why i joined the group, so i could have some 'friends' who understood firsthand what i was dealing with.

that's me on this monday! i'm gonna go rest in bed and read. literally. this = my life! :)

Blogger Kimmy had this to say:

Oh Sassy Lime Emily... I feel you're pain. I truly understand how you fee. Praying you'll get better soon... and for the doctors so they can treat you.

11:54 AM 

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