Monday, February 06, 2006
a retrospective on Jackie Chan

Well, let me start by saying this; i'm not a huge Jackie Chan fan (ooh rhyming!), i've only seen 3 of his movies, and two of those are the most 'mainstream' ones; shanghai knights and shanghai noon.....the third i saw last week; my husband loves to see new movies. so of course, since we're visiting my sister's house (while babysitting my niece), this presents the AMAZING opportunity of viewing their entire DVD collection within 9 days. no j/k. but kind of not. ;)

so anyways, on this evening, we were watching one of their movies, called 'the accidental spy'. during the course of the movie, jackie chan is attacked while at some kind of bathhouse, or day spa. incidentally, this leads to him fighting many a bad guy wearing only a towel, then later (horror of horrors) NOTHING! don't even allow the mental image to enter your mind! anyways, it's of course very funny. he runs through a market, using various things (towels, fans, even tambourines) to cover his private parts.....(this is not the funny part) -- the funny part is that later, he sits his nude tushie down in a vat of spices - one cheek in a yellow spice, and the OTHER cheek in something green. i was laughing so hard i was crying by this time; my stomach actually hurt. so, right at this moment, my sister's mother in law calls.

(unfortunately this calls for another little side note) - i know her mother in law reasonably well. we used to live next door-ish from them when i was 5. so in any case, she's a great lady, and unfortunately *her* mother has died, and she's there, visiting somewhere in california. very sad. but she's calling to tell me the funeral is coming up, so she won't be home to take the other niece and nephew for the weekend (as planned)........

soooo anyways, the MIL calls, and my husband pauses the i'm talking to her, trying to sound sympathetic, taking down a message for MY mom (who's currently watching the other niece and nephew).....suddenly i look up and see - frozen on the screen- jackie chan's retreating rear end, colored half yellow and half green. here i am trying to have a serious conversation - searching for words of condolence - while trying to stifle laughter. i mean, jackie chan looks like he belongs in a football game somewhere - and to be honest, i've never seen a naked tushie coated with different colored powders - it was more than i could handle. i had to get off the phone, and quick.

i wrapped up the phone call posthaste, and burst out laughing. my husband was of course clueless as to the humor - especially since i just got off the phone with my sister's MIL, discussing her recently deceased mother. basically, it was a classic movie moment. need i say more?

Blogger Kimmy had this to say:

Jackie Chan cracks me up.
"Do you understand the words that are comin' outta my mouth?" :p

6:31 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

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