Tuesday, January 31, 2006

i'm pretty sure that kids should come with instruction manuals. for instance, last night, my charge says 'i don't like my sauce heated. don't heat my sauce please.' what"?!? who eats hot pasta with cold marinara sauce? odd. the peculiarities continue. it's like she thinks I"M the strange one; i tried having the 'i'm not exactly the same as your mom; we do some things DIFFERENTLY' talk with her. but....this was clearly ineffectual, as her oddities continue....as we were shopping, she declared that 'sour cream is not good for her, her mom told hr that from the beginning' (what?>!)......i know she's not allergic -- i think she was trying to tell me she doesn't like sour cream. but - i'm talkin about sour cream and onion chips, you know?

and lastly, she pretty much had a conniption fit when she couldn't get to the barbie.com website. while i'm sympathetic to her situation, the i haed jut bonked my head (i'd like to say she was kind when this happened, but actually she laughed) six year olds. this babysitting thing = tough.

Anonymous your Mom had this to say:

yeah, those opinionated kids, what can you do? is there an abbreviation for 'smiling and laughing' ?

6:38 AM 

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