Monday, January 30, 2006
monday, monday -- so good to me...

it's been something of a crazy day. tonight starts our short foray into child care. my sister is on vacation, so we're staying at her house and taking care of her six-year old daughter. so i of course spent most of the day getting ready to come here, packing, cleaning, taking things out to the trash, etc. now we're here, and i'm coming to you LIVE from my sister's house! magnificent.

right now my 'charge' is playing Sims; yelling at one of her creations to 'use the toilet!' earlier, there was a fire in the house, and the dad died. not one to lose any time or emotion over this, she told me she 'thought she could make another dad.' well then. i guess so!

all in all, i've been feeling pretty good today. even with all the preparations. this is good. ;) thanks for visiting, fair reader.

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Excellent, love it! »

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