Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Meme time!

I got this from The Big Trade-Off, one of my favorite mommy blogs. These are things that I would be (as opposed to things that I like)

If I Were a ______ What Would I Be?

(as a preface, i think that this may make me seem more cool than i am - those of you who know me in real life will realize this quickly; for others, you will probably realize that this is the nature of the beast; either you have to make yourself seem cool, or else you need a self deprecating sense of humor; i'm no good at the self deprecation)

CAR: i think i'd be a VW jetta; clean lines, kind of preppy/weird

Book: i don't really.............read...no j/k. if i were a book, i think i'd be 'men are from mars, women are from venus' -- don't ask why. this is the best i could think of. :)

Movie: the emperor's new groove; that's just my weird sense of humor; i laugh so much at that movie...

Weather: sunny and clear, with passing thunderstorms (migraines)

Drink: dr. pepper - best soda ever; has kind of a fun and DELICIOUS taste, different from all the other colas

Ice Cream Flavor: it's gotta be moose tracks -- i just love it soooo much , that's what i've GOT to be

Song or Genre of Music: classical; i'm a by-the-books kind of gal; probably more so than i'd like.

Shoe: black heels; i'd rather be overdressed than underdressed; i feel like they go with pretty much everything. also, just for the record, i've got to mention that i seriously <3 shoes. big time.

Website: homestarrunner.com - i seriously love this site; yes i know i'm a total geek

Food: ICE CREAM: not that i. 'm cold and spiteful, but just that i feel like there are many different types of people i get along with; i love to meet people who are different from me, and learn from them -

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