Tuesday, February 28, 2006

So i was visiting all my normal blogs today, ho-dee-hum....and i get to dooce, read through it of course; turns out she opened up comments today (they are usually CLOSED) - -and LITERALLY, there were 1214 comments posted. WHAT?!?!?!? one thousand, two hundred and fourteen comments!?!?!?!?! i couldn't believe it. i mean, i know dooce is big, but i'm thinking, after the first 50 or so, does anyone *really* have the time to keep reading about people's choices for working or staying home with kids? the subject interests me as much as anyone else, but sheesh. i was blown away.

anyways, on to me ;) : am feeling considerably better today (than yesterday) we had some rain, and lots of wind last night -- which explains why my had was so bad yesterday (human barometer, remember?) -- i was awake last night for a long time until i decided i needed to take something; acute meds for the migraine. once i did that, i drifted off to sleep quickly. i'm still feeling pretty good, 12 hours later. however, due to many days of feeling BAD, there are dishes stacked up, sheets need changing, food needs buying, etc. you get the message.

and today's the last day of february - hooray!!! bring on spring weather!!!


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