Wednesday, May 03, 2006
a few things

hi friends. :)

i'm feeling better -- earlier today, wasn't feeling so hot. we had the migraine at full force, and for a bonus, some cramps. yay. anyways, i think the weather front has come and gone. whatever.

so last night, around this time, i was online checking out my blogs - and typepad ? not working. LAME! said i. just wanted to let you typepad ppl. know that i must hereby dispute typepad's inherent superiority. just saying.

and.....this post inspired me to get my husband's and my summer wardrobes in order. (*my husband is cringing as he reads this, guaranteed) he has no idea....mwa hahahaha. this requires a backstory. last summer i was trying out a drug to try and get rid of my migraines (yes, it's been going on for a long time now) -- this drug had no effect on me EXCEPT that i lost weight. like the dickens. so i was a size smaller. but i went off the drug - weight came back on. so anywho, last summer i had to buy a cute pair of bermudas and capris, b/c my pants? seriously wouldn't stay up. this summer; same problem in reverse, if you know what i mean.. i can't really zip them up! hahaha. so i got myself a pair of bermudas and a pair of capris that fit, as well as a black and brown tank top (long, for layering) -- and hubby? he got an old navy flag tee (for only $4 with my 20 % off!) after that, it was on to walmart - the dreaded pharmacy. you'd think 7:30 would be an ok time to go,but you'd be wrong. such a line. ugh. i don't even want to think about that anymore.

moving on, i read ANOTHER post the other day(one of chilihead's i think, but i can't find it!), and it reminded me i need to update my 'blogs i love' over there on the sidebar. there are two so far i was planning to add; heather's (which one heather?) and denise's. ppl, if you read my blog and have one, delurk and let me know. if i've commented on your blog before, i most likely read it regularly; remind me to add you, too! thanks people.

one last tidbit; to my bloggy friends. i do come around regularly, but when i'm not feeling well, i rarely leave ANY comments. i'm just surfing and have nothing uplifting or coherent to say. please understand; the headache -? it's like my best friend that won't go away. :)

Anonymous HolyMama! had this to say:

i HATE these headaches for you. hate them.

and migraines and cramps should never befall the same person at the same time, ever. EVER. that's just wrong.

typepad really annoyed me last night, too. Grr.

10:13 PM 

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