Saturday, May 06, 2006

hooray. i had a fun day yesterday, went over to my sister's house and helped her make wontons - i had personally never made wontons before, it was neat. so for dinner was fried wontons and wonton soup. YUmmmmmm. husband was also invited, but he is still in the middle of the finals week that wouldn't end, sooo it was just me!

my BIL is going to change a small car (geo metro kind of small) into an electric car. WOW. most anyone else i know, i'd be skeptical about their ability to actually do this. but my BIL; he is very mechanically savvy. heehee. (that's kind of a funny word combo; mechanically and savvy). he has fixed and taken apart (and put back together, that's the key element) pretty much anything that crossed his tracks. so, obviously he can do it. and he's going to! my sister and i told him that this is the PERFECT time to start a blog -- everyone can follow his progress and see it in pictures! ha. it's gonna be rad, peoples. so when i know his blog's address, i'll link to it for sure, and you can see the magic happen.

also, my sister and i got to take a brief escape to the nearby craft store (alone - sans kids!) so it was fun times. she actually needed to buy stuff. me, i just bought a FEW things i couldn't resist. an awesome vase (or the ugliest thing ever, depending on who you ask), w/a silk calla lily -- some turquoise beads, and a small bead organizer thingy. as you can imagine, by the end of all this fun, i was totally exhausted, and my head hurt lots. boo. so i went home and rested in bed the remainder of the night.

today on the agenda; more resting and going to the temple with my sister (hopefully) -- this afternoon. :)

Jordan River Utah Temple

Blogger 144 Volts had this to say:

Hey sassy, I thought it was a great vase! Here is the link to my blog. I will try to keep it up to date, although it will take several months to complete.

Its not the volts that kill you!!

12:36 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

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