Monday, October 30, 2006
and it's monday again!

ah, my friends. i'm back. hopefully i'll start blogging more regularly again like a good little blogger. i have been visiting all your sites, but have been lurking. sorry!

whatever plague my husband was enjoying last week is now mine. i felt it in the back of my throat and top of my nose yesterday, and tonight it blossomed into a full blown YECH. i woke up at 2 AM with my throat sore and found myself coughing before i even knew what was going on. lol. of course at 2 AM it's too late to take any nyquil or sleeping pills, right? right. soooo i coughed and slept on and off all morning....then sent my long-suffering husband off in the wee hours to buy more nyquil, more dayquil, and some sweet fizzy vitamin C drink packets. i'm stocked, baby. so i'm trying to inundate my plague with vitamins and rest, hoping to head it off. :)

in more interesting news, my fish is bulimic. no, seriously, i have seen the proof with my own eyes. at first i thought he was just a very light eater, but then yesterday night i was watching him 'eat', and he gulped one of the little pellets down, and then SPIT IT BACK OUT! what's up, aren't the Betta Bits good enough for you, frank? harrumph. after a brief conference with the husband, i've decided that the fish is ungrateful and mean. no, just kidding, i think he may not be hungry as often as i've been feeding him. sooooo we go to one feeding a day now. see how he likes that.

for those of you with time to kill, check out Kingdom of Loathing. it's an online game that is hilarious and fun.

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Blogger Edge had this to say:

Our (unnamed) betta was doing that too, until we started feeding him less. Now he just blows bubbles. Happy betta.

4:34 PM 

Blogger Andrew had this to say:

That's a new one on me - a bulimic fish! As Edge says, it sounds like you've hit on the fix. Hope it works.

To Love, Honor and Dismay

5:41 PM 

Blogger Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly had this to say:

Feel better.


6:08 AM 

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