Friday, October 27, 2006

well i've been gone for too long.

here's what happened yesterday; our bathroom flooded. we have a drain on the floor of our bathroom, and it flooded not only the bathroom, but also out into the hallway. the water has actually spread to most rooms of the house; bathroom, living room, and dining room. the kitchen and bedroom are untouched. our landlord is very kind and worked on it all day yesterday before bringing in a plumber to fix the problem. the plumber took the toilet apart and said it was tampons.


so this was all my fault. (it's important to note here that girls have never lived in this section of the house; usually 4 boys have shared it). the carpet is still drying out, and i feel badly. but i guess now i know! no flushing tampons in this house. but our landlord is still being really nice about it.

so that's where i've been lately! :)


Blogger terri had this to say:

Oh Emily, what a disaster. Poor girl. And all your fault too. Just kidding. I have a toilet overflow story which beats that - on one of our first dates, I was at Davids (basement) apt. and went to the bathroom for a little #2. Well, guess what - the toilet flooded and there was poo everywhere. not what you want to yell "helP!" and have him see!! anyway, we cleaned it up, he explained it overflows once a month, and never flush too much TP. now we stay at my house, as i am traumatized. at least he still loves me, even though i flooded his bathroom with poo.

hang in there. glad the landlord is so nice!!

3:19 PM 

Blogger Pink Chihuahua Princess had this to say:

Yucky! I had our toilet overflow once when I came home from law school on a break. I just couldn't stop laughing when I was cleaning it up because it just seemed like a scene that Cameron Diaz would have in a movie. It was just that crazy. :)

9:17 AM 

Blogger "Grandi" had this to say:

Ok - THAT'S embarrassing!! Too much tp - a tree root, something a child flushed, but tampons? There's just no blaming that on anyone else!! Hope you get everything dried out ok!!
By the way - how are the headache treatments coming?

5:02 PM 

Anonymous Dad had this to say:


I am amazed that you would flush those down the toilet! DON'T DO THAT!!!! If you were still at home, you would be facing THE WRATH OF DAD! Fortunately, you are now able to handle such emergencies on your own.


4:06 PM 

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