Saturday, October 21, 2006

i went to a beading class with my sister this morning; it was lots of fun, and i learned a LOT too. :)

now for storytime. owlhaven has asked us for the story of our most interesting scar. i've got a fun one.

this happened my freshman year of college. i was attending OU as a piano performance major. most of the kids in my dorm didn't get up as early as i did, but i needed to get an early start to fit everything in! i started getting sick - my throat was REALLY sore, so much so that i could hardly swallow to eat or drink. so i went to the dr., and he said it was tonsillitis, basically my tonsils were infected, and that's why they had swelled up so much! so i started on the antibiotic, but i really needed to get back to classes - i'd been out for almost a week i think (?). so this day, i woke up and got in the shower. i remember feeling really dizzy, but my hair was all sudsy b/c i was washing it. then i came to on the shower floor.

**as an aside -- please note that this is the shower floor for all the girls on the floor, so gross that everyone wears flip flops. and i am LAYING (naked) on the floor. yuck. **

back to the story. i get up really fast, b/c i'm grossed out by the floor. too fast, and i pass out again. this time, when i come to, i take it slow, and sit up before i stand, etc. i wrap my towel around myself, and head back to my room. pass out one more time on the way there. get to my room, turn on the light (waking up my 3 roommates), and from here, i don't really remember. my roommate says i passed out again (!) and they got me into my bed. i just hadn't eaten or drank enough the past week, and the heat caused me to pass out. one of the times on the tile, i hit my chin. the doctor said i didn't need stitches, and just butterflied me right up. so NOW i have an x on the right corner of the underside of my chin. good story, right?

head on over to owlhaven to read other stories about scars. :)

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Blogger owlhaven had this to say:



3:19 PM 

Anonymous Grim Reallity Girl had this to say:

I agree -- good story and YOWCH!

My best stories did not leave scars that you can see... though I have internal ones! The scars you see all have mundane stories.... hmmm....

10:15 PM 

Blogger terri had this to say:

that is a great scar story. well-earned. : )

hope you are well.

12:41 PM 

Blogger Heather had this to say:

Wow! That is a lot of times to pass out! I'm glad that all you got was a scar on your chin!

Fun story.

1:38 PM 

Blogger Stephanie had this to say:

That's great. Better than my scar story. To be told another time...

10:11 AM 

Blogger Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly had this to say:


"I get up really fast, b/c i'm grossed out by the floor. too fast, and i pass out again."

Oh man, this aside had me laughing out loud. I so remember how gross that floor in my dorm bathroom was.


8:56 PM 

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