Tuesday, February 13, 2007
in the news

in the past few days, there have been 2 tragic losses of life here in salt lake city.

the first was this past weekend, where a family was hit by an (alleged) drunk driver - the pregnant mother was killed, one of their sons, and their daughter. i truly can't imagine the pain of losing your wife and 2 children in the same instant.

this accident took place on a street near our home. they attended another ward in our church building.

then last night, a man went to the trolley square mall and opened fire. he killed 5 - many more were wounded. this mall is just downtown - i've eaten in that hard rock cafe before.

multiple people were also killed in philadelphia in a similar attack.

i feel so sad for the families of those who have lost loved ones. there is no making sense of such tragic deaths.

and so i am more thankful for waking up alive another day; for the breath God has given me.

Anonymous Muum had this to say:

Reminds us how fragile life is

3:49 PM 

Blogger Sunny had this to say:

You just never know when or WHERE something like this can happen. My aunt left Pottery Barn Kids just 10 minutes before they suspect the shooting began. I am so sad for those who lost friends and family - my heart breaks for them.

12:41 PM 

Blogger deborah had this to say:

Saw this unfold on the news. So very disturbing. Hope your city heals well. We are just trying to deal with mountains, LITERALLY, of snow. It doesn't compare with fear of terror. I'll take the snow. any day.

8:28 AM 

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