Sunday, June 15, 2008
Father's Day

i love my dad. so much that i won't post a picture of him here. :)

he's touchy about things like 'privacy' and not having his picture posted on the internet. fair enough. it's not for me, but i get it.

but i will tell you a little bit about him and how much i love him. and why i'm so lucky that he is my dad.

mostly i'm lucky because without him, i wouldn't be the woman i am.

the thing is, i don't talk about it much, but music is what makes my soul sing. i can't live without it, and it nourishes me. i need it.

i'm sure the reason i need it, the reason i love it is because of my dad. he taught me to read music, to listen to music, to feel music, and to love music. you might be thinking that a person can't be taught to love music or to listen to music -- and that might not be entirely true. but in some ways it is. i remember laying on the carpet in our living room with the score of the 1812 overture, listening to it playing (loudly of course) over the stereo. and dad would follow the music along with his finger, jabbing the cannon bursts like exclamation points.

he would trace the different national anthems along for me to see how they were woven through by tchaikovsky. he showed me how dynamics worked in a tangible and exciting way.

of course my dad has loved me and supported me through difficult times; breakups and disappointments. but nurturing my love of music is one of the things that endears him to me most of all.

i love you dad!

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Blogger Muum had this to say:

I think he gets better every year, but that's just me. Nice tribute, dear.

3:08 PM 

Blogger The Cochran Buzz had this to say:

I love music too, but I wasn't as lucky as you to have someone teach me. I love to hear how much you love your dad! That's neat!!!

9:36 PM 

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