Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Adam and Eve

Soo i have another brazilliant story about my darling niece:

we're sitting at the table, and she's enjoying her after school snack, when she looks at me, totally serious, and says 'tell me the story of adam and eve, and why they got kicked out of the garden of eden. for REAL.' (as if i'm going to tell her some false version? i don't know) anyways, so i proceed to tell her the story, adding as many details as i can, b/c it seems like it's kind of important to her, right? not exactly.

when i finish i tell that's FOR REAL the story. and she says, 'ok. that's how the bible stories tape told it. i just wanted to make sure they were telling it right. for real.'

she also came home with her shoes SERIOUSLY muddy. from what, you might ask? why, playing mudball with one of her friends at school! i'm not sure what all the rules for this game entail, except that you throw mudballs at one another (of course).

so i tell her she's gonna have to clean her shoes off - she wears a uniform, and has basically one pair of shoes to wear to school with her uniform. so we discuss the best shoe cleaning procedures, and i hand her a (cleaning) toothbrush. she looks at me and says, 'you're not gonna make me as a slave, are you? i just have to clean my shoes with this, right?' i tell her, 'no you have to scrub the entire floor with it. :) ' hee hee. of course not! she's funny. what *will* i blog about after we leave here?

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