Tuesday, February 28, 2006
The Sassy Lime

some of you may have wondered what the name of my blog means; most of you probably haven't. but in any case, i'm going to tell you!

when i was in high school, i was in marching band; all 4 years. the first 3 years, i was a part of the drum line; we were called the pit. we didn't march, b/c our instruments were too heavy/bulky to move around, but our drum instructor wanted them as a part of the band and drumline. so in any case, i played the xylophone,marimba, etc....we had lots of other fun percussion toys too, and one year timpani. SO, this is all background.

every year the drumline made a shirt; i don't remember if all the sections did this or not, but the drumline always did. on the front was some kind of graphic; always drawn by one of our bass drummers, eric (he later went to art school, haven't talked to him since) -- so anyways, on the back, listed by section, were all of our names. one year, the guys who made the shirt decided to do palindromes for everyone's names. (palindromes, for those who might be racking their brains right now, read the same forwards and backwards). so this took them quite a while to come up with; there were probably 40 or so in the line at that time......i had no part in figuring these out. just thought i'd put that out there, b/c i didn't have the brain power for it. ;) my palindrome-name was Emily's Sassy Lime. yes, backwards it reads Emily's Sassy Lime -- so anyways, a few months later i was getting an email address for the first time - this must have been my freshman or sophomore year in HS. and i couldn't think of anything good for awhile, when finally i decided on emilysassylime@whatever.com. before you protest, i realize that emily sassy lime DOESN"T read backwards the same; it's missing one s. but you can't use apostrophes, so it wouldn't have looked right. so it's a quasi-almost palindrome. that was more than 10 years ago, and it's just stuck with me. so my husband helped me figure out my blog name; and he felt this was the most catchy version of Emily's Sassy Lime.

so you see, it has nothing to do with limes or sassiness really. it has everything to do with ME! haha. it's all about me..... j/k

now you know! (and knowing's half the battle....)

Blogger LeighAnn had this to say:

Very cool. Now I can sleep better tonight. I was wondering about your name!


4:22 PM 

Anonymous HolyMama! had this to say:

I have wondered, actually! I can't imagine the guys who came up with 40 of those, though!

7:37 PM 

Blogger Queen Beth had this to say:

I always wondered!

8:42 AM 

Blogger Kimmy had this to say:

40 of 'em? I can't get past 40!

I never would have thought that that is how your name came about. Good to know.

9:06 AM 

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