Monday, March 06, 2006
a kitchen meme for monday!

I got this Kitchen meme from HolyMama!
go over and check hers out too, it's very funny. :)

1. How many meals does most of your family eat at home each week? How many are in your family?

probably about 6. just 2 - me and my husband.

2. How many cookbooks do you own?

Too many - 15

3. How often do you refer to a cookbook each week?

probably about 2 times.....maybe more

4. Do you collect recipes from other sources? If so, what are some of your favorite sources (relatives, friends, magazines, advertisements, packages, the internet, etc)

yes - i like ones from family and friends best; ones they've tried and liked. i also get recipes regularly from kraft online

5. How do you store those recipes?

online kraft has a feature for storing your favorite recipes. real life paper recipes go into my folder; i have a 3-ring binder with different areas for main dishes, side dishes, etc.

6. When you cook, do you follow the recipe pretty closely, or do you use recipes primarily to give you ideas?

the first time i follow it as closely as possible. after that, i just use it as a jumping off point - i don't feel too tied to it.

7. Is there a particular ethnic style or flavor that predominates in your cooking? If so, what is it?
cheese is a main ingredient for us also. :) probably my favorite other ethnic flavor to cook in is thai, and after that mexican. or at least my white girl attempt at mexican food. :)

8. What’s your favorite kitchen task related to meal planning and preparation? (eating the finished product does not count)
huh. that's a toughie. i guess tasting it while i'm making it?

9. What’s your least favorite part?

cleaning up - mostly just the putting leftovers away. i hate that for some reason.

10. Do you plan menus before you shop?

no. (as if.)

11. What are your three favorite kitchen tools or appliances?

my new kitchenaid (thanks mom and dad-in-law!), my crockpot, and my pot with the glass lid and holes to drain off water.

12. If you could buy one new thing for your kitchen, money was no object, and space not an issue, what would you most like to have?

one new thing... ooh. i'd say a rice cooker. i hate cooking rice because it seems like it should be a given, but it takes so long, and requires so much stirring and watching and waiting....gosh, i'm gonna say two things, and say a smoothie maker. yum.

13. Since money and space probably are objects, what are you most likely to buy next?

huh. nothing really on the roster right now, but i guess i'd say another glass measuring cup, a big one. i have one of the littler ones only. also i REALLY want to try the silicone bakeware. has anyone tried it? how do you like it?

14. Do you have a separate freezer for storage?

i wish! we live in an apartment. if we had a separate freezer, that would probably mean we'd have no room for a bed. :)

15. Grocery shop alone or with others?

i almost always go alone. once in a while i'll go to costco with my older sister, or my hubby will be home and willing to go on a 'short trip' to pick up a few things. i like going with someone else better. this is probably because they aren't young children -- but adults i can talk to. :)

16. How many meatless main dish meals do you fix in a week?

i'd say 2 out of 6......?

17. If you have a decorating theme in your kitchen, what is it? Favorite kitchen colors?

the only decorations in my kitchen are pictures of friends (on the fridge), a framed photo of a calla lily, and a copper shadowbox with the chinese character for love. ... not sure there is really a theme. my favorite kitchen color is sage green.

18. What’s the first thing you ever learned to cook, and how old were you?

the first thing i remember learning to cook was meatloaf. mom would put all the ingredients in (i'm sure i helped but i don't remember that part) and then i stuck my hands in all that stuff and mixed it together. i specifically remember there being eggs and ground beef, and i wasn't at all interested in touching it.

19. How did you learn to cook?

hmmm. still learning. what i have learned thus far was either a result of my mom's dogged determination to teach us while we were growing up, or experimentation with recipes since i moved away from home.

20. Tag two other people to play.

sarah and mom!

i also feel (in the spirit of full disclosure) that while i haven't had any kitchen fires in the past year, i DID have one a couple years ago, at my sisters engagement party -- it was at my brother-in-law's friends house (read: college men house) -- and i was trying to cook a complex chocolate cake (the kind with molten chocolate in the middle).....when it overflowed and burst into flames on the bottom of the oven. one of my newest friends helped me put out the flames with a spatula, and vacuum the carpet nearby where we had singed it. who would really WANT carpet in their kitchen? bad idea.

Anonymous HolyMama! had this to say:

ok, you rocked the Kitchen Meme, Emily!

1:49 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

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