Tuesday, March 07, 2006
lumbar puncture

that's what the dr.'s call it. i call it spinal tap. and no, not
This Is Spinal Tap
but more the needle in the spine spinal tap. so anyways, it's over. hallelujah. my sister came with me and held my hand and distracted me through the whole thing. it was over in about an hour. HOWEVER, then a nurse came in, and says 'you know i've got to draw blood, right?'. nooooo i didn't. the thing about me is my veins are very hard to draw from. i don't know why. i wish i knew. in any case, she stuck me twice (the digging around kind of sticks) and then i mentioned the name of another lady who had stuck me on the first try.....lady #2 comes in, tries 3 times....still no blood. :( sooo they send me over to the lab, where lady #3 sticks me and gets me on the first try. all that sticking took another 2 hours. :/

after he finished my spinal tap, my neurologist said that the pressure is normal. so that's not it. now we wait for the neurologist to call back with the rest of the results.

Anonymous HolyMama! had this to say:

oh i'm soo glad it's over!!

7:19 PM 

Blogger LeighAnn had this to say:

I'm so glad you got through it. And next time they need to use a needle ask for a butterfly needle you won't even feel it.

10:32 PM 

Blogger Edge had this to say:

They took one look at her veins and used a butterfly from the start. It was nasty, no doubt. Glad it's done~hope it yields some useful info.

7:20 AM 

Blogger Kimmy had this to say:

I'm glad it's all over for you and the pressure was normal. That's awesome! I'm really happy about that. But it still leaves you hangin', I know.

Did they tell you to lie flat after your spinal tap? Lie flat. For hours. Increase your salt intake. Those will help "seal" the hole faster and decrease the chances of fluid leaking. Just something now that it's been several hours and is too late. But just in case you have another. I've had over 30 spinal taps in my life... I know where you're comin' from! I'm just glad your pressure's normal. I'm sure the CSF will come back normal as well!

8:50 PM 

Blogger Emily had this to say:

thanks kimmy. :) i should've known to ask for advice from you to begin with. seems crazy, but i was hoping they would (will) find something wrong, so at least we can treat it! as it is, we just try one med after another, i feel like it's a lottery.
in any case, i appreciate your good advice! my husband says its healing up well. :)

12:00 PM 

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