Thursday, May 11, 2006

this is a companion entry to my sister's what NOT to buy over at Mothering on the Edge! check it out. :)

Thirteen things to consider getting your Mom for mother's day a pretty safe bet, especially if you don't buy them from a gas station.
2. chocolates; these should come in boxes, NOT bar form. let's be clear here.
3. anything handmade from the kiddos - or that you helped them handmake.
4. a thoughtful letter (you can't do this every year, though, unless you have additional presents)
5. jewelry, HOWEVER, avoid the cliche jewelry (heart pendant - blech, gag me) and jewelry she doesn't wear (yellow gold or white? this is a must-know)

6. breakfast in bed. make dinner, too, while you're at it.
7. something thoughtful that goes along with a hobby she ALREADY has - a golf club if she golfs, etc. do NOT be fooled into thinking that housework is a hobby, just because it's something she does a lot. no, no and NO. housework is a job. (please check the do not buy list for any dilemmas)
8. something that's her FAVORITE - examples are favorite pajamas, favorite lip gloss, favorite rose, etc., etc., etc.
9. spa package. i don't know a woman alive who'd turn this down. massage, and/or manicure/pedicure....etc... there's something for everyone, as they say. (this is not to be confused with a GYM membership of any kind).
10. something she's asked for. anything on the do not buy list can be an exception, and added to the BUY list *if* she has requested that item for mother's day. be very clear on this. b/c if she asks for a new washing machine, and you give her that as the present? you may be in trouble, because that could be just something the HOUSE needs. and she? is not an extension of the house.
11. public acknowledgement or recognition of what a great mom she is. this could be a party, an ad in a magazine she reads, love notes, etc.
12. frame a special picture of the two of you - or her and all her kids.
13. ANYTHING. seriously, women do give credit for trying. so try.

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Blogger Heather had this to say:

Good tips. Still trying to figure out what to get my Mom. Especially because DDs birthday is tomorrow and I've been a bit focused on that.

3:25 PM 

Anonymous Empress Juju had this to say:

I'm big on flowers, especially if you can get them to her at work on Friday, so she can show off to all her friends!

This year, we're having bunch at a restaurant she's been dying to try, and going on a house tour in her neighborhood. Hey, it's her day!

5:02 PM 

Blogger Tess had this to say:

great idea list!

7:31 PM 

Anonymous shannon from rocks in my dryer had this to say:

Thanks, Emily, for your kind words at my blog today--I really appreciate it.

Love your list. I got wind chimes for our moms this year.

9:27 PM 

Blogger Jen had this to say:

As as SAHM of two under 3....I want a day to sleep in for as LONG as I want!! I got my mom a set of the Addison bowls from Crate and Barrel.

9:57 AM 

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