Wednesday, June 28, 2006

well, for dinner today we had a pot pie. like, from the microwave. my headache was at record highs, and once i woke up from a nap, i needed to eat SOON! so we microwaved one of those big marie callendar's potpies and split it.

good times. :)

what did you have for dinner tonight?

on an unrelated topic, i added someone new to my blogroll on the right; Terri at Wind Lost. terri is an engineer who lives in canada and blogs about her chronic daily headache (like me!). in reality, our headaches have some similarities and some differences, but what's the same is the gist of the health issues we're dealing with right now. she's a pal and i love to read about her efforts to learn more about her headaches and find answers. she is able to understand the struggles of life with migraine, and i am so appreciative of her presence. please go visit her and say hello!!

Blogger LeighAnn had this to say:

Pot cute!

10:06 PM 

Blogger Muum had this to say:

we had oven tacos and salad, nothing too exciting

6:32 AM 

Blogger terri had this to say:

awww....emily! thanks for adding me to your blogroll!! i was so surprised when i came across this while checking your blog. thanks for your wee note of support and for adding me to your esteemed list! you are too kind. such a jewel of a girl!

i think we all feel a little lost with this headache thing, a little unsure what to do next, what to believe in, what to try next, what to hope for, and how to cope. i often felt so isolated and alone over the years, my headaches taking over my whole identity. so it is nice to have a small community of far-away people that you get to learn about headaches (and life) from. i enjoy these blogs for all the headache advice, of course, and just to know there are people in the same boat. i also love just learning a little about interesting and funny and bright people who are living with this crazy illness and still finding something to be happy about in life. thanks emily!!

11:50 AM 

Blogger Stephanie had this to say:

Really cheap and bland Italian food at B'sghetti's Restaurant.

4:09 PM 

Anonymous Denise had this to say:

You're fabulous!

12:11 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

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Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

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