Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thirteen fun sites i like to visit....
excluding blogs!
warning; language is not always good at these sites -- be warned, i do not endorse their language, just enjoy the site content......

1. craigslist. always a good one; i love checking out the free, and also the clothes. have i ever actually bought anything? no. but it's fun to look!

2. yahoo or MSN games; whoa, i think i waste a lot of time here. on yahoo, i play glinx, and on MSN i play luxor.
3. BYU's 100 hour board. .... they answer questions ppl. write in, and they answer w/in 100 hours -- hard to explain, just go check it out.
4. boing boing --really strange news stories and web sites.
5. dear abby. i don't even know WHY i read this. but i do. weird, huh?
6. homestar runner ; wow this site makes me laugh SO HARD> i highly recommend it.
7. headache forums; i am a member of about 3; 2 migraine forums, one chronic pain forum -- i learn a LOT and meet lots of nice ppl.s
8. favorite shopping sites; amazon, the gap, oldnavy, etc.... :)
9. my hubby's website; lots of fun pictures, and some technical articles about computers and/or SLR cameras.
10. kraft's cooking website; i think everyone probably knows about this site, but if not, CHECK IT OUT. lots of recipes, and fun ideas.
11. the consumerist -- stories of bad customer service, some recordings.
12. you knit what? my sister showed me this, and i seriously cannot stop going there. it is SO funny. it's like go fug yourself for knitters.
13. google news -- i'm a fan.

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Blogger Muum had this to say:

loved the knitting blog! very funny pics

4:49 PM 

Blogger PresentStorm had this to say:

I love recipe sites... I love cooking. Thanks for the link :)

6:13 PM 

Blogger Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly had this to say:

knitting sites were fun. i can knit, but can't STOP knitting so i am making the world's longest scarf.


7:25 AM 

Anonymous Denise had this to say:

As if I don't spend enough time on the web!!! LOL I'll have to go check a few of these out.

8:15 AM 

Blogger Pink Chihuahua Princess had this to say:

I can't go to the Kraft cooking site, because then I might be expected to cook on a regular basis. hehe

7:22 PM 

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