Sunday, June 11, 2006
so much to say, so much to say...

that's right. i've been away for so long, my friends. i wonder if anyone is actually coming to read anymore? i'll have to check out my statcounter thing. in any case, before i forget, go check out mary's post about larger families. i came from what might be considered a 'larger' family - 5 kids. and it rang true. what a beautiful post. :)

and i have to post an updated shot of my herbs -- we repotted them last week, and they're just doing great! the basil needs a dowel, and the tomatoes (in the far corner) need cages. but other than that, they've found a new life!

in other fabulous news, i went to the SLC farmer's market yesterday with my sister, Edge. it was rad. the only thing i actually bought was a grocery bag full of green and red lettuce -- for 3 dollars. love that place. also i got a henna tatoo of a lotus blossum.....see below...
i have a few sweet excuses for my blogging absence.

#1. a storm came through, and i was feeling super bad for a while there.
#2. nothing interesting to say -- only complaining. you didn't want to read that anyways.
#3. yeah, i guess those are the only ones.

but i'm back now! i've been reading all along, just not commenting.

ok, here's a weird story for you. a couple weeks ago, 'joni' called, telling me that she had an appointment for me at the pain clinic -- and we set it all up, and i've been complaining about how far away it is. (sept. 12). then a few days later, ashley calls, she says she's the new appointment person for the pain clinic. so i'm thinking ashley's somehow missed my appointment. or maybe since i was referred, i came in a different way than usual? anyways, so i call ashley back to tell her that i already have an appointment, and she doesn't know what i'm talking about. i tell her joni called me last week, and we already set up an appointment. she goes, 'joni who?'. huh. i'm thinkin........i don't know. joni at the pain clinic! the numbers they're calling from both start with the same first three #s, so i'm thinking they're both from the same pain clinic. apparently not. they don't have a joni who works there. soooooo i make another appointment with ashley's pain clinic. and THEY have an opening on july 27th! sweet. i'm loving that. i'm also somewhat confused, because i didn't know my neurologist was referring me to two different pain clinics. i'm gonna have to call them and straighten this all out.

also have been reading on migraine forums, and am beginning to think i need to find a neuro who specializes in migraines. .... the only one recommended in utah is not accepting new patients. hasn't been for a while. but....maybe i'll go to a neighboring state. drive 5 or 6 hours. we shall see.

Blogger Valarie had this to say:

love the farmer's market! I've got to make it a point to get down there since we live in the ghetto now.

9:13 PM 

Blogger owlhaven had this to say:

Love the henna!!


10:05 PM 

Blogger LeighAnn had this to say:

Glad to see you back. I have always wanted to get a henna tatoo. It is expensive to have done here. They did an amazing job on yours!!

10:20 PM 

Blogger Heather had this to say:

Glad you're back. Love the henna. I want to get a big henna tattoo on my big pregnant belly in a while.

Weird about the pain clinics. Hope you get it all sorted out, but July 27th sounds MUCH better than Sept 12.

12:00 PM 

Blogger EmilyRoseJewel had this to say:

Welcomes back! Good luck with the migraine issues. I know what that is about, went through that with my DH. He is much better now. I love Farmer's Markets too. We have few in our area. I like your post from today too. I hate driving. People just can't drive respectfully and correctly nowadays. It is pitiful! Thanks for dropping by my site today. Yep, we are very relieved!

3:08 PM 

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