Tuesday, June 13, 2006
a quilting update

for those of you who read this blog regularly (ha! who am i kidding - i know who you are! hi mom, hi edge, and hi my dear husband!) in any case, i mentioned last week i was going to go work on some quilting. my husband's aunts met with me and my SIL up at my SIL's place. they taught us all we needed to know about quilting. unfortunately, that doesn't instill talent.....or, let's be honest, any kind of ability whatsoever. i know how to do what i want to do....but i am completely stupid when it comes to sewing. i'm an idiot! i sew things closed that are supposed to be open, i catch pieces of fabric underneath and sew them to .... well, whatever, and i spend much more time ripping out than i do sewing. soooo it's not my favorite thing in the world, but i'm learning to quilt. why? you might ask? good question, fair reader. my husband's family is having a reunion in july, and most all of the women in the family are making a quilt square (8 1/2 inches square, they're very particular about that). ok, actually 33 quilt squares. then we trade, and have the makings of our very own heirloom quilt. say it with me, 'aaaaaaaaaw'. yes. it's going to be great. if i can just make the first square, i know it'll get easier from there! instead, i get this;

huh. must not have threaded the bobbin right. seemed right. obviously NOT. let's try again, on a scrap this time:

yeah. same. i need a bobbin intervention, here people! help me! .........anyone? anyone? ........beuller?

in case you're wondering, the finished product is supposed to look like this;

if you weren't laughing before, you are now, right? i'm thinkin' what i really need to do at this point is skip the sewing thing and just cut out some 8 1/2 inch squares. what think ye?

Blogger Edge had this to say:

Sorry to loan you a machine that's hard to use! As predicted, Volts looked at it and has isolated the problem. You can call and he'll tell ya what to do. I, of course, despite 2 sewing classes at a university known for its graduates' homemaking skills, have no idea. Don't give up! It will be a great quilt square!

5:44 PM 

Blogger Muum had this to say:

ah, you are just related to me, I have klutzed my way thru many a project! If you can't get the bobbin problem fixed, let me know and you can borrow my machine, if that will help! love you

9:30 PM 

Blogger LeighAnn had this to say:

Hey, what are you talking about?? I read you regularly.

Man, I feel so left out.....

So alone......

So unloved......

Ok, I'm over it. :-)

Try the quilt again and it will work out perfectly!!

12:32 AM 

Blogger Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly had this to say:

Ha! I can relate. I have only made one quilt in my life and I gave it to my ex bf's little sister, who I adored. Now that I have a kid, I am thinking, wow should have saved it for him because I don't kow if I'll ever be able to make another..


7:02 AM 

Blogger Heather had this to say:

You can do it! You can do it!

I so relate to the sewing disaster thing. I can sew a few things, but there's usually minor (or major) disaster between start and finish.

4:42 PM 

Blogger Heather had this to say:

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4:42 PM 

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