Tuesday, April 24, 2007

the edge and i went on saturday to get our hair done; you can't see hers here b/c she's behind the flash (very tricksy). she got her usual highlight and cut, and i got my usual highlights and cut.... on the top half of my hair. the bottom half of my hair (the braid in the below picture) i had dyed pink.

so here's the highlights getting done (all the crazy foils) -- after this, we bleached out the bottom half of my hair -- it's probably for the best that we don't have a photo of this step, it was kind of eerie. it was white blond.....the underneath part of my hair. and then....

the pink dye goes on -- this is what the edge likes to call the head wound shot. looks like i have a head wound and my scalp is bleeding. thankfully, this is not the case. this is the dye on my hair, it had to process for 45 minutes. wow.

and now, this is after all the foils are out, and the dyes have all been rinsed out -- my hair is kind of half dry, half wet here. but the color is pretty true to life. i wasn't expecting it to be so ... neon. honestly. but i like it, and it'll fade.

then here's a front shot (does anyone look good with their hair wet? not me). and you can see my hairdresser, nyssa in the mirror.

the total time for all this? 5 hours. that's right. i had the highlights, the pink and a trim. wow.

when i see my (busy) husband next, i'll see if we can find a picture of me w/my hair done -- that is, dry and fixed. for now, that's the summary and photo journal of my pink hair!

i figure i'd better add this last paragraph on WHY i'd want to dye my hair (any of it) pink. mostly for fun; i've seen it before on blondes (the shadowbox part only) and it was very cute. mostly i was just ready for something new -- and i'm pretty determined to grow out my hair, so it had to be color!

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Blogger Muum had this to say:

fun post, even I think the pink hair is kinda cool!

3:16 PM 

Blogger terri had this to say:

Emily- sounds pretty!! Post a photo with the final result!!!!

5:25 PM 

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