Thursday, June 14, 2007

my husband took me for a nice lunch date today - we went here.

it was really nice to sit down just the two of us - without any computers or music or anything.

let's get back to the texas summary, shall we?

mmmmm, blue bell ice cream. this needs to come to utah. i'm writing letters, don't worry.
they also had R2-D2 mailboxes - my husband said we've got them in SLC, too, but I'VE never seen one. so we had to take a picture.

what is this picture of? i have several of them. a bug? a dead flower?

and now, a hippopotamus sculpture. we went to see a garden w/ Charles Umlauf's sculptures. it was fabulous.
my husband did a lot of this
(up there, we're at the capitol)

and here's one more shot of my hubby, we're at a garden in austin. :)

people, there is more to come. if you can stand it.

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Blogger Muum had this to say:

I love your pics, thanks for posting them. I think I've seen Blue Bell ice cream sold somewhere around here?????

10:28 PM 

Anonymous The Spoiler had this to say:

Unfortunately, the Sassy One is correct. (reference:

I agree, though that we should start a major drive to get them to come to Utah, or we should take a freezer to Arizona to pick some up!

4:33 PM 

Blogger Heather had this to say:

Looks like a lot of fun.

1:27 PM 

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