Thursday, January 10, 2008

coming up on 30,000 visitors to The Sassy Lime!

amazing. i never thought this site would have so many visitors. thanks for reading, and commenting. you guys are the best!

Blogger kimberlie had this to say:


8:55 PM 

OpenID booklady had this to say:

Congratulations! That's wonderful.

9:03 PM 

Blogger Migraine Chick had this to say:


5:50 AM 

Blogger deborah had this to say:

you go girl! hey, isn't it written SOMEWHERE, that we migraineurs spend that, in dollars, that is, or about that in an average year, or less in health care, just. to. fight. the pain??? interesting.

oh, and did you notice that you are being tracked in massapequa NY, rather than Salt lke city, Ut???

12:08 PM 

Blogger Emily had this to say:

deb - no, i didn't notice! who's tracking me in NY?

1:17 PM 

Blogger Emily had this to say:

oh, and P.S. - $30,000?!?!?!


1:18 PM 

Blogger deborah had this to say:

I guess I did write that incorrectly. When you come up on my sitetracker; it shows YOU are from Massapequa NY. sorry.

12:00 PM 

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