Friday, February 22, 2008
have you ever...

EDITED TO ADD the link to the letter....duh!

have you ever done that thing where you THINK it's friday, but actually it's thursday? that was me yesterday.


saturday is probably my favorite day of the week, because i get to spend all day with my sweetie; he doesn't have to go to work, we can hang out around the house and/or run errands together. so then last night spencir tells me it's only thursday!? wow.

here i am, friday again.

read a great entry over at The Daily Headache -- a letter to friends and family, regarding the nature of chronic pain. it's one of those things that i just nod the whole way through -- yes, yes!

in reality, i'm very lucky to have such supportive family. nevertheless, having chronic pain is's just weird. it's just the kind of thing that doesn't make sense, and many people can't imagine what it'd be like to be in pain all the time. i know i never considered it until it happened to me!

have a great weekend, party people. :)

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Blogger kimberlie had this to say:

my b/f once thought that he was a yera older than he really was...for an ENTIRE year.

It was pretty funny.

8:59 PM 

Blogger Terri had this to say:

The worst thing about chronic pain is that the words we use to try to describe it are useless and we can never convey the depth of what we experience. Sometimes I wish people could feel for 5 minutes what i feel every day, and they might be more compassionate. Most of my closest people are understanding, but it is colleagues and casual friends who look at me like i have two heads when I try to describe it, and they never seem to utter much compassion...they just cannot relate I guess. But sometimes it would be nice if they could use their imagination...


12:04 PM 

OpenID booklady had this to say:

I know exactly what you mean, Emily! I had that same problem on Thursday. Actually, the whole week felt really long. The funny thing? I even had Monday off, so it was even a shorter-than-usual week.

2:29 PM 

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