Thursday, February 21, 2008
"physical therapy"

today was my physical therapy appointment. really it was more like "physical therapy". because my pain doc said i was going to go see the physical therapist again. i mentioned that the *last* time i saw her (the PT), the physical therapist said she didn't think there was anything she could do to help my headaches. my doctor said that the PT had some new ideas, they had just talked that morning.

sooo of course i was hopeful going into this appointment. we sat down, and she said my pain doc asked her to work with me NOT to improve my headaches (because she didn't feel there was anything she could do) but to help me set up an exercise program. nice. soooo this of course makes me feel a little tricked and disappointed. mostly disappointed that he made me believe there was hope for changing the situation.

the ultimate hope for setting up an exercise program is that after building up my endurance will help me be able to do more despite the pain.

so i'm feeling a bit frustrated, i feel like this is my pain doctor's last hope -- therapy and exercise. i should mention i have been exercising regularly for the past.... 5/6 months without any results. of course he knows that, but this is going to be even worse (i meant better). because already the exercise pushes my pain level up for 2-3 hours after i'm done.

the thing is, i'm all about exercising, i just hate that it causes me EXTRA pain. that's pretty much the last thing i need at this point....but my doctors are increasingly running out of ideas, and so i think THEY think they need to get me going again, and somehow the symptoms will fade away. argh. i'm sorry, i'm just venting/rambling now.

hopefully i'll be back later on w/a better attitude.

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Blogger Muum had this to say:

blurgh, that sounds really irritating. I can go TP the Dr.'s home, if you want!

7:16 AM 

Blogger Sunny had this to say:

That is so frustrating. Why didn't the Dr just tell you that before sending you to the PT? That is just really inconsiderate :(

9:16 AM 

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