Saturday, March 01, 2008
Writing from the hospital

I'm surprised and pleased to be able to make a blog entry. I don't have my laptop with me -- I'm here in the hospital -- but Spencer agreed to type up an entry for me if I wrote one out. And so I'm writing!

I miss reading all your blogs. I feel out of the loop. But I'll go ahead and tell you what I'm up to.

My doctor's appointment on Thursday went well, and my doctor said he thought we could do a lot to improve the situation. I'm hopeful, but my expectations still aren't high -- I've heard more than one Dr. tell me they could fix this, and end up being wrong.

So I'm in the hospital -- they have a floor just for headache patients here. I have done a biofeedback session, and will do more everyday until I leave. I will also be seeing their physical therapist sometime soon.

The first night I slept badly, that made my first full day hard. Last night's sleep was better, and today has been better. My doctor said I'd be in for probably a week, but on Monday we'll be able to determine when I can go home.

The hope is that some pain free time will help give my body a running start on the new preventative drugs.

Hopefully that answers any questions you might have -- I'll be back blogging soon!

OpenID booklady had this to say:

Thanks for the update! I was worried about how things were going. I know you've been disappointed before, but I so hope this one works out for you. And what a wonderful hubby to type up and post your blog entry for you! :-)

8:45 AM 

Blogger Muum had this to say:

yeah for Spencer! good to hear from you on line. See you tomorrow, dear!

9:51 AM 

Anonymous Barbara K. had this to say:

Wishing you great success with these treatments.

2:31 PM 

Blogger Ashley had this to say:

I hope the treatment works! Keep us updated!

10:05 PM 

Blogger MusicalMom had this to say:

Good luck!!! I hope you've finally found the right treatment. My fingers are crossed!

11:22 AM 

Blogger kimberlie had this to say:

I hope things are working out for you! (i also hope the food is good...!)

12:44 AM 

Blogger Iccle Anne had this to say:

Well done Spencer, very kind of you to type her post for her.

Emily I hope you get answers and solutions, and at the very least steps in the right direction.

3:05 PM 

Blogger Migraine Chick had this to say:

Keeping my fingers crossed. Hang in there!

7:29 AM 

Blogger Pink Chihuahua Princess had this to say:

I'm so glad to hear something from you! Thanks to Spencer for posting!

12:31 PM 

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