Monday, February 13, 2006
monday again?!

what a surprise! it's 2:30, fair readers, and i'm gonna be honest with you. you know what i've accomplished so far today? basically nothing. i'll list everything, though, to be fair.

1. drove my husband to work
2. stopped by victoria's secret on the way home to pick up something for free (not shoplifting!, they sent me a card in the mail with a free offer.)
3. found $1 in change at the bottom of my purse. stopped at the taco stand for a (very authentic) taco.
4. ate it in my car, b/c the taco stand isn't in a very good neighborhood and it's cold.
5. drove home.
6. read through all the blogs and websites i read daily. also read all my email.
7. put some new blog names on my sidebar! i love doing that. i doubt if anyone clicks on them, but at least i'm publicly declaring how much i love your site!
8. writing a blog entry.

so obviously, pretty lame.
things i NEED to do today;
1. dishes
2. clean off kitchen table
3. a load of laundry
4. clean up front room.
5. finish unpacking from last week's babysitting (umm, can you say pathetic?)
6. take a shower. yes i'm serious.
7. wrap husband's v-day present(s).
8. make a cheesecake for our v-day dessert tomorrow night.

welcome to the life and times of emily. the sassy lime. the theme of many blogs i read today was valentine's day plans. since that's obviously the cool thing to do, i'll just join in! (can't handle the peer pressure man)

my husband and i are going out to dinner tomorrow night; at a thai restaurant called thaifoon (clever, huh?) - we have reservations, so i'm hoping that'll work out without too much waiting. then we'll come home and have some sparkling cider (We don't drink alcohol) and homemade cheesecake (assuming i get it made), and enjoy our evening together! pretty low key. what are your plans, friends? anyone doing something EXCITING?!?! i'd love to hear about it. (or even if it's not exciting, tell me about it anyway) :)

Anonymous spencir had this to say:

you got a taco?! where's my taco? quiero un taco. :)

and i'm very suspicious of the '(s)' on the end of 'present'!


4:50 PM 

Blogger Emily had this to say:

ummm.....i may not have gotten an extra taco for you, love.

:( sorry!!

5:22 PM 

Blogger The Mistress of the Dark had this to say:

I accomplished nothing all weekend, so I think we're even.

BTW if I'm right the Nylons were an 80's band. The name is familiar even though I can't think of a single song they did.

Thanks for stopping by my place :)

5:57 PM 

Anonymous HolyMama! had this to say:

Victoria's Secret the day before Valentines...? That's why you're the SASSY lime, you!

7:36 PM 

Blogger Kimmy had this to say:

Happy Valentine's Day! (Hope you don't have to eat in your car!)

12:25 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Excellent, love it! »

2:31 PM 

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