Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thirteen of my favorite FOODS!

1. moose tracks ice cream
2. peanut butter
3. mussaman curry - a thai curry made w/pork, potatoes, curry spices, onions, etc. soooooooo delicious.
4. dr. pepper. oh how i love thee!
5. pizza; my favorite is papa johns, b/c they include the little bucket of grease -- garlic butter......
6. garlic - yes, it needs its own #
7. cheesecake - new york style, any or no toppings :)
8. cheetos. (seriously i am sounding like trailer trash, but a girl's gotta be honest!)
9. mexican food; as long as it includes sour cream and guacamole; one of my favorites is cafe rio's grilled steak salad....yummmmm...
10. cool ranch doritos - again with the seriously bad breath
11. cheese - just straight up CHEDDAR
12. seafood; this is a category, i know, but includes fish, shrimp, lobster, crab, and scallops.
13. a good burger and fries from red robin.

wow - i'm hungry! i haven't eaten lunch yet, it's true. thanks for stopping by :)

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Blogger Kimmy had this to say: I'm hungry!
Love topping.
Peanut Butter, but not pb pie or most things made wit pb...except Reece's. I love to just eat pb&j or a big ol' spoonful!
I love Papa Johns pizza and the yummy garlic sauce. I'm really into the new Perfect Pizza deep dish...the sauce is delish!
Love cheese..most of them.
Not quite sure about eating just garlic, but love garlic.

Thanks for stopping by today!

2:00 PM 

Blogger Janne had this to say:

Great minds think alike :)

3:04 PM 

Blogger Emily had this to say:

OK, I have to admit I followed the links to your TT because of your name(which is lovely, I might add).

But maybe its an 'emily thing' but I could not live without my cheetoes...are you a puffy or a crunchy Cheetoe-er?

I enjoyed your 13, feel free to stop by mine. :)

3:10 PM 

Blogger The Mistress of the Dark had this to say:

Mmm this post is making me hungry. I love mexican food too. Thanks for stopping by my 13 :)

5:27 PM 

Anonymous Chickadee had this to say:

Mmmm, peanut butter and cheetos...but not together. That would be gross. LOL.

Yummy list.

My 13 are up.

6:10 PM 

Blogger Emily had this to say:

cheetos; gotta be the crunchy kind. the puffy kind don't have enough substance for me.

garlic; don't worry friends, i don't eat it straight. i just like it in many different dishes :)

thanks for visiting, and commenting. :)

8:50 PM 

Anonymous HolyMama! had this to say:

I found you through that Th 13 blogroll! Glad you got it figured out - I'm awful with 'code'stuff myself. I didn't Th 13 today, but I like your site and will be back!

10:30 PM 

Anonymous JK :) had this to say:

I'm hungry!!! I love cheese and Mexican food too. :)

Happy weekend!

3:01 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

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