Wednesday, February 08, 2006
well it's WEDNEDAY

i finally figured out the intricacies of joining the thursday 13 - actually i tried it, messed it up, and my husband fixed it for me. (thanks honey!) in any case, i have the blogroll on my site now. :) impressive.

tonight we're going out to dinner; to meet with some other recipients of the same award that spencer got......hopefully they won't be boring, it won't be boring, and even if it is, do i care? clearly not. free dinner, and i hear it's good food... who am i to complain? it's like my dream world.

my sister and her husband made it back safe and sound from cancun. i'm sure they're wishing they were still there. but hey, what're you gonna do? the vacation's gotta end sometime, right? probably they were glad to come back, maybe they missed their kids or something? who knows. i'm just sayin' ...cancun? sunshine? oceans? it's basically my fantasy world. hopefully the landing won't hit 'em too hard. at least it's not snowing out! what this REALLY means is that my babysitting duty is finished. (didn't you know it's all about me?) whew. good thing, too. i'm exhausted.

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