Friday, May 19, 2006
hooray for friday!

well, i've been a pretty lame blogger this week! :) i went off the medicine yesterday (*the new one i thought was making my headaches worse) after talking to my neurologist. he called back the VERY SAME DAY I CALLED. whew. is that amazing or what? you know that song in fiddler on the roof -- wonder of wonders and miracle of miracles...that's what i feel like. anyways, my headaches have improved to their normal level of badness. or goodness, whichever. so that's a plus. and since yesterday i was feeling reasonably ok, i went to visit my sister's house and hung out with her while she worked. good times. her husband fixed our AC -- what a BLESSING! the dealership was wanting to charge us an obscene amount of money.

also, one of the pigeon eggs hatched yesterday -- so cute!! -- and spencer and i got to see it. ..... we went out to dinner with my grandma on wednesday night, which was lovely. so little to say; husband and i are going out of town tonight so that should be a nice (quick) break. adios. :)

Blogger Heather had this to say:

Glad your headaches have come back down to normal. I wish they'd just go away though. I hate health problems that have no obvious cause and no easy remedy. Just not fun.

Enjoy your break.

9:51 AM 

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