Saturday, July 01, 2006
hoooooray for saturday!

as i was circulating around my migraine forums today, i read an article (that orginally came from O magazine) which i found to really ring true for me. the link is

and it's written by a woman who has daily migraines (like me!), and also cluster headaches and tension -type headaches (thankfully i don't have either of those!). it's a pretty short article, but she talks briefly about what life is like when you're in pain all the time. this isn't a woe is me moment, i just thought you all might enjoy it. life changes dramatically when pain dictates what you can or cannot do.....

was mentioning in the comments that she also suffers from migraines; if i were you i'd give the pomegranate juice a try. it helped a lot more at first than it does now, but i know that for some people, it can quash a migraine attack completely. and wouldn't it be GREAT if it worked for you? i'm also going to look into the capsule forms of pomegranate juice that my sister mentioned in the comments. also, in case you didn't realize it, i will try ANYTHING i think *might* work. case in point: i read the product reviews for this thing called 'headon' -- it looks like a big chapstick that you put all over your forehead.


but for $6, worth a try, right? right. it does give an interesting cooling sensation, which i won't pretend i dislike. especially for really bad headaches, i can see it helping.
HeadOn - Apply Directly to Forehead Migraine Relief

when my sister saw it, i think she thought it was an SNL skit or something. unfortunately, no. this is my life! lol

ok, on to a less serious note. :) spencer's aunt called and is going to get together with me on monday to help me QUILT! that's right. quilting. still, i have not even gotten one square completed. and for those of you who might have forgotten, i need 33 squares completed by july 11th. that's right. less than 2 weeks away. THIRTY THREE. wow.

i'll be sure to keep you all posted on that bit of nonsense. :)

Blogger Muum had this to say:

so, will she help you with the quilt squares, or with quilting in general? love you!

9:03 PM 

Blogger Emily had this to say:

she'll help me with this specific quilting task; it's the only one i've got going. :)

9:03 PM 

Anonymous Caryn had this to say:

You know? My dad was in pain for years and years, just constant headaches. They kept prescribing him things, and then they'd have to prescribe something else to take care of the side effects, and then something else and something else. His new neurologist finally took him off everything and told him to exercise, and started over with the medications, one at a time, and his headaches are much better. He didn't have migraines, though.

I know this sounds weird, but have you had your heart checked? Some cardiologists and neurologists have found links between holes in the heart and migraines, as if when the circulation system isn't working correctly it causes the headaches. Apparently a certain (high) percentage of people undergoing repair for holes in the heart also had a strong history of migraines. Not to scare you, because the repairs aren't that bad. I did a quick Google search, and here are a few helpful links:,11381,1392080,00.html

9:35 AM 

Blogger Emily had this to say:

caryn - thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. :) i have had my heart checked for just that thing; a hole in my heart. mostly b/c there is someone in my immediate family who had that problem, which resulted in a stroke. in any case, my heart is fine. no holes! LOL. i appreciate your ideas, i feel like someday, someone's ideas or experience will help me figure out a solution!

10:57 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

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10:33 AM 

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